The way many children see themselves, each other,
and their world, has changed over the past year.

Unable to try new challenges, take up new skills or form new friendships in lockdown, many children may now be feeling unsettled and lacking in confidence. Inevitably, the past year has taken a toll on mental and physical wellbeing, changing how children view their surroundings and leaving them feeling uneasy about their place in the world. 

It’s why opening up opportunities and getting children trying something new is more important than ever for children’s happiness and health. 

At Children’s Sailing Trust, we know that access to watersports changes many children’s lives for the better. We’re pleased and determined to be making a difference, resuming our sailing lessons in partnership with local primary and SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) schools this month.

By donating today, you can help cover the costs of getting children out together as a class on the Helford River sailing and kayaking.   

You will be helping us to continue our work, ensuring that those who wouldn’t normally have the chance can experience the often life-changing freedom and joy of watersports for themselves.  

It’s more than wind, water and waves thats children discover when sailing; it’s themselves, each other and their place in the world. Time and again schools tell us the changes that come about from sailing sessions in children’s classwork, behaviour and friendships. Teachers report increased self-esteem, confidence, willingness to learn and leadership skills, with young people often now able to resolve conflicts better and form improved relationships with teachers and other students.  


Watch the video below to see the story of how one child’s relationships with his classmates, and confidence in his own abilities, were transformed by realising his skills in sailing out on the Helford River with Children’s Sailing Trust.   

We don’t want any child’s financial situation to prevent them from having the same opportunities as their classmates. That’s why we fundraise to bring the cost down to a suggested donation of £4 per child for a weekly school sailing session. If schools or parents are unable to pay, we cover that too.  

With the ongoing difficulties of Covid-19, we anticipate it being more challenging this year for parents and schools to make this contribution. As such we’re asking both Cornwall’s community and watersports lovers further afield to help give a child the freedom and opportunity to sail or kayak that they might otherwise not have.

It costs just over £100,000 for us to run these important sessions each year. To meet this target, Children’s Sailing Trust is aiming to fundraise a remaining £10,000 to help cover the costs of getting around 200 local schoolchildren per week out sailing on the Helford River this season.

Please donate to help more children change their view in 2021