Drapers' Hall Dinner for Children's Sailing Trust 2022

Thank you so much for supporting the work of Children’s Sailing Trust. It is through your kind donations that we are able to subsidise the cost of getting local Cornish children out onto the water to teach them skills that will stay with them for life.

The way many children see themselves, each other, and their world, has changed over the pandemic.​

Unable to try new challenges, take up new skills or form new friendships in lockdown, many children may now be feeling unsettled and lacking in confidence. Inevitably, the past year has taken a toll on mental and physical wellbeing, changing how children view their surroundings and leaving them feeling uneasy about their place in the world. 

It’s why opening up opportunities and getting children trying something new is more important than ever for children’s happiness and health. 

At Children’s Sailing Trust, we know that access to watersports changes many children’s lives for the better. We’re pleased and determined to be making a difference, resuming our sailing lessons in partnership with local primary and SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) schools – only made possible by generous benefactors.

By donating today, you can help cover the costs of getting children out together as a class on the Helford River sailing and kayaking.   

You will be helping us to continue our work, ensuring that those who wouldn’t normally have the chance can experience the often life-changing freedom and joy of watersports for themselves.