Subsidised watersports sessions

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Weekly subsidised watersport session on the Helford River

Participants must be primary school age (up to school year 6)

Parents are requested not to share this booking page without the permission of the Co-Ordinator

Children's Sailing Trust: Building Confidence, Competence & Resililence

Pay it forward: Help a disadvantaged young person discover a real love of the water too!

By choosing to add a small donation to your ticket, you can help Children’s Sailing Trust provide watersports sessions for children who otherwise might not get the chance. Many children growing up in Cornwall who live in poverty or live with disabilities have few opportunities to discover the joy of sailing. 

We exist to change that. Year after year, our affordable and accessible watersports sessions instil a sense of confidence, competence and resilience in children that inspires a new found love of the water and spending time on and in it. Thank you for your support.

“All of our pupils benefited from the watersports with building their relationships with each other and are kinder and happier in each others company. They have a mutual respect for each other now.” – Local teacher of subsidised school sailors 



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