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Children tell us that sailing releases their troubles, teaches them to trust their friends, rise to the challenge, take risks and fight fears. We shouldn’t underestimate what young people are capable of achieving when given the chance.

‘Sailing has been a wonderful activity for my daughter, who suffers from selective mutism. She has verbally communicated with Instructors, which is a great step forward. Thank you so much!’ Parent, Mabe School

Helping children to thrive

Our activities help children to thrive. The children that learn with us achieve sailing competence, with 100% of participants gaining RYA Sailing Stage 1 in their first year. By year 3, children achieve RYA Sailing Stage 2-3 and progress to our Youth Group.

Children also develop life skills through sailing, which are recognised and rewarded through our Children’s Sailing Trust’s WAVE Syllabus.

“Sailing has taught me to be confident out in the water and go out by myself in a boat! It helps me to throw my fears away and carry on going, and it can teach you to trust your friends too!” Lily, Grade Ruan Primary School

Duncan’s story

“My son began sailing with the Trust when attending primary school. Initially he found it very difficult and scary, but with the support of the instructors, one day something clicked. He became so enthusiastic that both me and my wife began to volunteer with the Trust, gaining our powerboat licence. My son continued to sail with your summer schools and continued to be involved even when he left primary school. During this time he was diagnosed with Tourette’s and had difficulty settling into secondary school. His identity became very much tied up in what he did outside of school. The Trust became a sanctuary for him where he could succeed. He was voted sailor of the year and a highlight was receiving his trophy from Ben Ainslie. He also went on to meet Princess Anne during a visit to the Trust and sailed with the pre-Olympic squad.

His time in school was becoming more and more difficult and he was in danger of becoming a school refuser. We approached the school and he went on to a restricted timetable. During his days away from school, he happily cycled to the Helford and worked alongside instructors, working with children as an Assistant Instructor and a powerboat driver. He continued to do this for the next couple of years and I believe this was a contributory factor to him being very successful in his GCSEs. He went on to Truro College and continued with his work for the Trust. At 16, he went to train as a Dinghy Instructor at a different centre and gained his award as one of the youngest participants they had ever had. Once at University, he studied dance and taught sailing at Docklands in London and back in Cornwall each summer.

We all feel immense pride when parents and children talk about my son working with them, and how the work he was blessed enough to be a part of is passed on to the next generation. He continues to love the water and sailing, however, his studies have taken him away. He now has completed his Masters degree at a prestigious dance conservatoire and has begun his career as a freelance dancer. I am sure that his time with the Trust gave him an outlet at a difficult time in his life, and without it he would not be the success he is today. He will always love the water and I am sure will continue to sail.”

How we spend your donations

The Children’s Sailing Trust aims to remove the barriers to participating in sailing and watersports to create opportunities that benefit the children those who need it most. 87p in every £1 donated to the Children’s Sailing Trust is spent on delivering our activities.