Lovat’s Kitchen Nightmare

Volunteering for Children's Sailing Trust

Four ladies arrive early, sleeves rolled and ready to receive rubber gloves. They were on a mission this morning.

The cafe space at our Trevassack Lake HQ is currently unoccupied, awaiting a pre-season renovation and we had the kind and very welcome offer from Lovat Holiday Parks Cornwall to make use of some of their team to help rid us of the remains of the previous kitchen use. We’d told them in advance that there was a fair bit more than the washing up to do…

All the freestanding elements were to be pulled away from the walls, all appliances emptied, filters removed, and everything thing de-greased to within an inch of its life. Walls included.

We knew it was a challenge and we didn’t expect them to get it all done but Nicky, Paula, Louise and Mellita must’ve used up all their elbow grease with the amount of effort they put in. They scrubbed that stainless steel until it shone, wiped the walls back to the base paint and made our next job of prepping and painting so much easier.

We’re incredibly grateful to them for working so hard – especially as they had to go back to work for the rest of the day!

As for the cafe re-opening… watch this space!

Lovats team in the lovely clean kitchen
Lovat's team ready to start volunteering in the kitchen

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