Trinity House Bursary Funding

Children’s Sailing Trust relies on grants and fundraising to be able to deliver its charitable objectives of free and heavily subsidised sailing opportunities for children and SEND groups. We are incredibly grateful to Trinity House for accepting our application to provide funding towards taking our opportunities that one step further and creating a path of progression for young people. 

CST educates primary aged children, growing their confidence, competence, resilience and creative thinking skills through activities on the water around the Helford River and our Trevassack Lake HQ but we now have a bursary for some of those children to continue their education and progress on through the RYA stages so that we can take them under our instructor training wings and set them up for life-long careers.

Please note, the grant is only open to students in receipt of Free School Meals:

Here’s a little more about the charity from their website:

The Trinity House Maritime Charity

Committed to the education, support and welfare of mariners and their dependants, the Trinity House Maritime Charity is the UK’s largest endowed maritime charity

Our Charitable Objectives

The Trinity House Maritime Charity (THMC) is one of the UK’s largest-endowed maritime charities, committed to the education, safety, support and welfare of mariners and their dependants. We welcome applications from charities and organisations whose work aligns with our charitable objectives and who can demonstrate support of seafarers in the areas below:

a. Support, maintenance and provision of Alms Houses and Annuities;
b. Advancing the education and training of officers, cadets and seamen (inc. grants and bursaries);
c. Advancing the education of the public, including assisting schools and other institutions providing education;
d. Advancing public safety and the safety of shipping;
e. Relieving the need of mariners and former mariners of all ranks, and their families;
f. Publishing and disseminating information in any form relating to navigation, shipping and seamanship.

E loves sailing. We are very privileged to have been given a funded place for her, thank you, it means so much. E is a lighter and happier being after sailing. It definitely gives her confidence and adaptability to situations. And access to sailing which we would not be able to manage without your support. One of our favorite things this season was watching the youth group from Porth Saxon and seeing E trying to 'dry capsize' her boat, falling off, her boat sailing away by itself, hearing E say, "oh no", swimming straight after the boat, catching it, then climbing back on. She looked strong and decisive, she acted promptly and was successful. It was brilliant.
Trinity House
Mother of child 'E'

Apply for the Trinity House Sailing Bursary

CST work with many disadvantaged students to help them attain life skills and thanks to Trinity House, we have a funded Bursary program that eligible families can apply for so that children might discover and learn the new skill of dinghy sailing or progress on from their current ability.

The grant is open to students in receipt of FSM and will pay for travel and equipment when required. 
To apply, please submit the form below:

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