Swimmers' Code of Conduct 2024

In partnership with the CST Code of Conduct, the following outlines specific behaviour expected from anyone taking part in swimming activities with Children’s Sailing Trust at Trevassack Lake to ensure all swimmers can enjoy the experience and stay safe.

Abusive language, swearing, intimidation, aggressive behaviour or lack of respect for others and their property will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action.

If you are concerned that someone is not following the Code of Conduct, you should inform a senior member of the CST Team or the Lead Lifeguard as soon as possible.

All swimmers of CST

• Listen to and accept what you are asked to do to keep you safe.

• Know your limits and listen to your body.

• Wetsuits are at the discretion of the swimmer. We ask each swimmer to consider the water temperature, expected time in the water, how they are feeling on the day to make the most informed decision for them.

• Collect a numbered swim band from Reception (or designated area) before entering the water. This must be worn on the wrist at all times whilst in the water. Return the numbered band upon exiting the water and before getting changed. For coach led sessions, please follow the instructions of your coach.

• Only enter and exit the water at the specified place.

• Acclimatise to the water upon entry (please note diving off structures is not permitted).

• Be aware of other swim users and avoid entering their space.

• If you need assistant – please roll onto your back and shout for attention and, if safe to do so, raise your hand in the air to signal for rescue. If you carry a whistle, signal with repeated blasts. If possible, swim to the nearest swim buoy and hold on until assistance arrives.

• Please be alert for other swimmers who may be having difficulty, and summon help where needed.

• No supplementary floatation aids or inflatables permitted.

Distance Swim Sessions

• All participants must be confident swimming 400m unaided in open water environment.

• All participants must be 16 years or over. All U18s must be supervised by an appropriate adult on site.

• Swimmers must the swim in the direction specified (typically anti-clockwise)

• A brightly coloured swim hat and/or visible towfloat must be worn by all swimmers when in the water.

• Use of swim goggles are strongly recommended.

• Not everyone swims at the same speed – be aware of slower swimmers and swim clear of anyone slower than you.

• Anyone swimming aggressively, into or over other swimmers will be asked to leave

• When turning at the swim marks be aware of other swimmers around you and swim wide if overtaking

• If you need to stop for a break whilst swimming, or to speak with another swimmer, please swim just wide of the swimming route to ensure you do not impede other swimmers coming past.

Lake Dip

• All participants must be 8 years or over.

• All U12s must be accompanied in the water by an appropriate adult. All U18s must be supervised by an appropriate adult on site.

• Stay within the defined swimming zone.

• Be aware of the water temperature and monitor your time being in the water safely.

Staying Safe

• Get dried and dressed quickly after your swim (come prepared – avoid buttons, zips, fiddly clothes).

• Think about your extremities – wear a warm hat, gloves.

• Do not warm up externally too quickly – avoid hot showers, external heat sources.

• Warm up from within – sip a warm drink, layer up.

• You are swimming in open water – although Trevassack Lake is regularly water tested, it is important to remember the water may contain contamination and pollution from farming/industrial run offs or be affected by seasonal influences like naturally occurring algae and insects. If you become ill after swimming, immediately seek medical advice informing them you have been open water swimming. Please also notify Trevassack Lake staff as soon as you can.