Gift of confidence


Virtual Gift: Instantly downloadable donation gift voucher

It’s not just wind, waves and water that children learn about through sailing, it’s themselves, each other and the world around them. It’s a unique and powerful chance for all young people to discover the incredible things they are capable of in life when they are given the opportunity to succeed. 

The difference you’ll make

With this gift, you could provide one child with a month’s worth of affordable and accessible watersports opportunities on the Helford River or at Trevassack Lake. During their subsidised weekly session through their school, children have the chance to learn a new skill that boosts their confidence, competence and resilience. While new experiences can be anxiety-inducing, Children’s Sailing Trust works to ensure that every child feels at ease and thrives throughout their time on the water.  

“I absolutely loved it, my confidence has grown, and it makes me feel better about things”- Subsidised School Sailor.

Buying a Children’s Sailing Trust virtual gift supports our life-affirming charity work with young people, whether you choose to keep it for yourself or send it to a friend as a unique gift that does a whole lot of good.

What you’ll get

Once purchased, you’ll be able to access a digital donation voucher to immediately download, send across to a loved one or to print at home. If you would prefer a physical copy to be sent in the post, please drop an email to and we would be happy to get that sorted for you. 

How virtual gifts help

If you order any of our virtual gifts, you will be making a general donation of the amount you have selected directly to support the work of Children’s Sailing Trust. Neither you, nor the recipient of your virtual gift voucher, will receive the item described above. Your donation will help Children’s Sailing Trust run financially affordable and physically accessible watersports sessions for young people on the Helford River and at Trevassack Lake. The information shown on the virtual gift voucher is a guide only of how your donation will be used.